Preparing Maths for MA economics entrance exam

There is one question that I am expected to answer every time I meet any new prospective student aspiring for MA in economics. ‘I am weak in maths, how do I get better’, so what do you expect me to answer in this situation. Imagine two situations:

  • Imagine a situation, your younger sibling asking you how to prepare for her boards exams as she thinks she is really weak in maths. You would perhaps ask her to practice, practice and do more practice. And yes that’s the solution to your problem of being under confident in Mathematics Continue reading

10 Tips to prepare for MA Economics Entrance

I have written this piece earlier too and I am re-writing it. Today also, most of the things which I discussed four years back, stand true. As a little bit more experienced person, than I was when I just started, MA Economics entrance coaching, I have certain more pieces of advice to share with all of you, economics aspirants (or may be, this is a misnomer, MA economics entrance aspirants :)) Continue reading

Books-Statistics- MA Economics Entrance Preparation

Statistics is one subject that a student is tested upon in any MA Entrance. So if you feel you are perhaps weak in it, work positively to make it your stronger front instead. The difference between students who are under confident and those who are confident about any particular subject is practice. You can only gain confidence if you work upon something consistently, again read this word, consistently. Continue reading

Books-Mathematics-MA Economics Entrance Preparation

Many students feel they are weak in Maths. What do you do when you are weak at something? You build up strength, muscle and stamina. Similar logic applies here, do questions, as many questions you can do, and you will find, that slowly and gradually that inner intuition for problem solving is building up. Make a commitment to do at least 5 questions everyday, and soon you will find yourself flying high in the air of confidence. I recommend the following books for Mathematics Continue reading

Books-Macroeconomics-MA Economics Entrance preparation

This post is next in the series, which books to follow for DSE entrance? Today, I will talk about, which books you can follow for Macroeconomics.

Blanchard : Five stars. This book deserves five stars. Even though written in highly simplistic language, it slowly and gradually clears all concepts that subject lays before you. I urge all of you, to read this complete book, make notes, do all appendices and you are well on your way to understand macro better. Continue reading

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